Motherhood and childhood

A children photography session in Mallorca is a unique opportunity to immortalize moments that are unforgettable and unrepeatable.

Motherhood and childhood are one of the most special and beautiful moments in many people’s life

Giving birth is something magic and each one it happens again and again it’s different, because of the accumulation of circumstances that surround us at the time.

For this, it is important and definitive to find a professional who captures the moment, who knows how to interpret feelings in images that are full of expressiveness.

Naturalness and spontaneity

According to my way of seeing Children’s Photography, the little ones in the house are the easiest to photograph but difficult at the same time.

First of al because you’ll require a different techniques needs where speed when working to avoid the decisive moment will be of vital importance.

As well as the rules you will use to direct your small models will be very different from those that you would use in an adult portrait session.

Just as the interaction you have with them will have a much more affectionate and friendly tone.

They are natural, unpredictable and always surrounded by that aura of emotion, freshness that give the first moments of their life.

Some interesting tricks

Then I’ll provide some interesting tricks to avoid not to lose the decisive moments with those little models:

Patience, always be attentive and not let your guard down, short sessions not to tire them.

A well you can turn the session into a game, adapt to the age of the photographed child, be quick when working with them and forget about the inns.

Visiting this site you’ll get more detailed and further tricks since you are a professional who is checking this page.

Human contact

As a photographer but before as a person who loves human relationships I always like to meet parents and the “little ones” before so that we get to know each other.

This will translate into more relaxed and natural moments during the time of taking pictures.

References of children photography

Perhaps you are interested in a family session as well and immortalize those moments all together then surely you are interested in this link.

Let’s talk

Deciding between color and black and white photographs will mark the style and sensitivity of our final photo and your decision as well.

Tell me what, where and how you want it.

Surely we will get some photos that you will not forget so that when you look at them tomorrow you will be proud that the day they were made existed.