India, 2010

I never thought of going to India. It’s te most amazing country in the world and the best choice I chose ever.

It happended in my mind already the idea of going to India when I was already living prior in New Zealand during 7 months. If you are curious about how it went just clik here.

Something inside me started telling I should go there so i decided to buy tickets that would the only way to go.


I arrived to this magical country after a long trip around Australia and New Zealand as I said. During the flight to Delhi I met an indian guy who gave some tips about what to do in Delhi.


So as soon as I planted my feet on the groung  in Delhi I took a bus to Shimla, a marvellous and stunning place surrounded by green mountains and this zen ambient.

In this city you will find travel guides who’ll take you through mountains. It’s a must in India to go up there, it’s something you can’t miss.

The most important one was: “skip Delhi and go to mountains straight away”.

On our way to mountains we passed through Agroo, and visited his family village and I felt sick with diarrea and vomits, thank god his nephews took care of me.

We kept going our trip and got Aru, Srinagar (Dal Lake) and we finally got Leh, the best place far I’ve seen in India .

Leh is the old capital of Ladakh kingdom in Himalayas, nowadays is the district of Leh in Jommu and Cachemira province. It’s 3500 metres high with a 30870 population.

An amazing place surrounded by desert mountains with ice on top of the peaks with green valleys. I definitely thought again of India as the most amazing country. It’s completely stunning and breathtaking place whereI recomend you to stay for while. No hurries here!

Asian Countries

India is the most amazing country in the world. Asia in general is amazing.

Another country I completely felt in love with was Myanmar on my trip over 2009. I encourage you to check my images from that trip as well.

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