Drone wedding in Mallorca
Bodas en Mallorca
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Es Calo de Sant Agustí en Formentera como uno de mis últimos proyectos en Javier Gómiz
Fotografía profesional de servicios de Ses Fonts Ufanes en Pollença
Fotógrafía profesional de las vides de la Bodega Cap de Barbaria en Formentera
Fotografía profesional de servicios de el Mercat de Sineu Mallorca
Fotografía aérea de servicios con dron con vistas de Campanet en Mallorca

Capturing breathtaking aerial images

I hope you are enjoying my website so far. On this page I show you my latest personal and professional photography and video projects made with both drones and handheld cameras, always trying to capture aerial images that impress and give a new point of view of places and moments.

Through my daily work I have been perfecting my skills and my technique and I have been able to offer more and more quality, unique and exciting perspectives. If you have read the about me section of this website, you will already know that I live near the sea. Between that and the fact that I also create content for Yo soy Mallorca, most of the work I do has a maritime imprint.

But I also have many other drone video projects outside the realms of the sea. A commercial and technological production, such as the aerial shots I created for the Danish renewable energy company CIP, aerial footage on a wind farm in Zaragoza.

To be able to carry out this type of aerial drone projects, and all drone projects in general, I like to create a meticulous planning of the flight path, this allows me to take high resolution images and fluid videos, or as we also call it in drone jargon, cinematic.

As not everything is flying, to achieve this definition and visual quality in the projects, I have the knowledge to edit both images and videos that allow me to enhance everything that deserves to be seen. I have knowledge of tools that are at the forefront of design such as: Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Illustrator, and many more. With all of them I am able to adjust lighting, enhance colours and bring out details, creating a more captivating visual experience that engages.

The latest projects I have undertaken have allowed me to take photography and video to new heights, literally. I invite you to take a look at all the video gallery I have at this website and on my social networks, if you are interested in hiring my services, or just want to spend a nice time watching amazing videos of the island of Mallorca, exciting events and special moments that I like to capture from the sky.

I am ready to collaborate with you and take your ideas and audiovisual projects to another level.

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