Milla Ciutat de Palma – 5km Mou-te per Son Gotleu (Palma thousand mile walk city – 5km move yourself for Son Gotleu)

Today was a great day for the Son Gotleu neighbourhood. It was the capital of sport and social event in Palma de Mallorca. The 3rd edition Milla Ciutat de Palma – 5km Mou-te per Son Gotleu has been run again.

This event was intermittently run years ago but now it’s run every year and on.

It’s an event where different races of different categories have taken place with people of all ages, different cultures and all united by the sport and for making Son Gotleu a better place.

Promoters and difusion of the social event in Palma.

The collaboration of the Area of ​​Social Welfare is part of a series of actions of the Municipal Center of Social Services of Gregal.

Carried out jointly with other entities and services of the area carried out in Son Gotleu and that have as a objective to promote healthy lifestyles.

The final goal of the race and the multi-sport day is to disseminate a positive image of a neighborhood strongly marked by social stigma and become one of the most important sports and social events in Palma de Mallorca

On the other hand, and to promote healthy lifestyles, it is intended to showcase actions that bring health to the neighborhood.

And to raise awareness among families about the importance of healthy habits as well as the practice of sport and healthy eating.

In this edition 2019 the participation of about 300 people is expected among those enrolled in the races for adults and children enrolled in the multi-sport day.

This year in addition to the different tests framed within the mile and the race of 5 km, the thousand mile walk has been added to the program with the idea of ​​promoting the participation of the families of the neighborhood and the rest of Palma.

Info about the Milla Ciutat, social event in Palma

You can check on Facebook all the time table of all runs, winners and more INFO related to the event.


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