5% discount when buying the remote id for your drone

In this article you can not only buy the cheapest remote id on the market, but you can also enjoy a 5% discount for being a reader of Javier Gómiz.

I will also give you a small presentation so that you become familiar with it and I will also show you how to configure it, all this so that you lose your fear (if you have it) of this little device of only 24 grams.

The remote id, as explained in my article on remote identification for drones, is mandatory for all drones as of January 1, 2024 according to the EU Delegated Regulation 2019/945.

Some drones already have it built into the software installed in the factory, which are the same as the ones already installed in the class markingand others, like me who have a DJI Air 2s (we live thinking about DJI’s promise of a firmware update that was to arrive in May and has not yet arrived) we have to buy remote id to fly it both in open category like in specific category.

Well yes, the other day I had my first flight in specific category since it is mandatory to have the remote id, and my experience with this device was 10.

The fact that it appeared on the list of external devices declared compliant by EASA gave me the confidence to buy it.

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How to apply the 5% discount

To make use of the discount coupon and buy the remote id you only have to enter the word javiergomiz as I explain in the following pictures. Very easy!

Instructions on how to enter your 5% discount on the purchase of your drone remote identifier
Instructions for entering the 5% discount on the purchase of your drone remote identifier

Remote identifier configuration

Here is a very didactic and above all very short video in which in less than 3′ you will know everything about how to configure your DRI.

If you have made it this far I congratulate you because you officially know everything you need to know about the drone identifier.

Have you already bought it before? How was the experience?

Tell me about it here, your experiences are interesting for me and for all the subscribers who read you!

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