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DJI Mini 4 PRO

“Mini to the max”. DJI describes its latest jewel, and flagship of the “minis”, in a few words. Want to know everything about the DJI Mini 4?

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fotografía de Ses Covetes con drones en Mallorca

Drones in Mallorca

Drones in Mallorca play an essential role in many fields: they monitor and control crops, save lives and help to promote tourism.

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Dron DJI Mini 3, uno de los mejores drones del 2023

DJI Mini 3 PRO

Get to know in detail the features of the great little DJI Mini 3 PRO. The best unlicensed drone under 250 grams on the market.

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Dron sin licencia Holy Stone HS440 de las mejores opciones

Holy Stone HS440

The no needed licensed drone Holy Stone HS440 is one of the best options for adults and children. A very interesting drone to start with.

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DJI Mavic 3 Classic

Did you find the DJI MAVIC 3 expensive at launch? Now it’s time to upgrade with the arrival of the DJI MAVIC 3 Classic.

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Dron DJI Mini 3, uno de los mejores drones del 2023

Best drones for 2023

Find out which are the best drones for 2023. I’ll tell you which types of drones you really need and which best suits your needs.

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Portada del blog volar drones sin licencia

Unlicensed drones

There are currently drones that can be flown without a license, but this will all change by 2024. I’ll tell you what they are so you can fly with peace of mind.

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Types of drones

Conoce cuáles son los diferentes tipos de drones que puedes encontrar en el mercado según su morfología, características y uso.

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