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If you have already started to take your first steps in the world of drones and have decided that you want to get into it, let me tell you that you are in the right place. I am very happy to offer you a 5% discount on Aerocameras drone courses, using the promotional code (promocode) with the word ‘javiergomiz‘ that I give you exclusively for being a reader of my website.

Do you have a passion for the world of drones? Do you want to train as a UAS pilot (unmanned aircraft/aerial system) and make the world of aeronautics your profession? With this 5% discount you will have no excuse.

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If you are thinking about joining this great community but don’t know what you need to study to become a drone pilot, it’s quite simple:

  • First of all, you must be at least 16 years old.
  • The medical certificate is no longer required, until before the Pandemic it was a requirement, then this rule disappeared.
  • Take an online, theoretical professional drone pilot course, the most basic ones usually take about 15 hours (subcategory A1/A3), and 20 hours for subcategory A2.

Aerocámaras has instructors who are drone pilots with more than 25,000 flight hours, and trainers with extensive experience in the aeronautical world.

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The new course price will be automatically recalculated incorporating the 5% discount. In the images below I explain it to you.

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Drone training courses

A1/A3 Professional Drone Pilot Basic Course (Open Category)

To operate in the ‘open’ category of civil drones you will need to be trained as a pilot. You have a choice of 2 drone courses:

In my article on no licensed required drone I talk more extensively about the types of drones that can operate in each of the subcategories of the ‘open’ category.

With the Basic Professional Drone Pilot Course (A1, A3) you will obtain the minimum and necessary certificate to fly drones over 250 grams and up to 25 kg (class 0 to class 4) and always away from any urban environment.

With this course you will acquire an accreditation to fly drones in ‘open’ category in Spain and Europe.

The training will be 100% online and will last 15 hours, with videos, supporting syllabus and a final exam of 40 multiple-choice questions and a syllabus consisting of the following topics:

  • Aviation security
  • Airspace restrictions
  • Aviation regulation
  • Human performance limitations
  • Operational procedures
  • General knowledge of UAS
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Insurance and protection.

Drone course for A1 and A3 category pilots

A2 professional drone pilot course (‘open’ category)

The A2 Professional Drone Pilot Course will allow you to fly drones up to 4 kg (class C2) near urban environments (public roads, recreational areas, houses, buildings or other constructions), in the A2 ‘open’ category. It has the following requirements:

  • Be over 16 years of age
  • Be in possession of the Basic Professional Drone Pilot Course A1/A3.

The course has a recommended duration of 20 hours and the training will be 100% online with explanatory videos to help you learn, self-tests and a preparatory video tutorial prior to the exam. The agenda consists of the following topics:

  • Meteorology
  • UAS flight performance
  • Technical mitigations and ground risk operations

Drone course for A2 category pilots

Professional drone pilot course STS (specific category)

With this course you will be able to fly in the ‘specific’ category and qualify for professional flights. You will be able to work in specialised sectors and carry out work in precision agriculture, topography and emergencies, technical inspections, and participate in audiovisual projects.

It has a theoretical part and a practical STS drone pilot exam.

Drone course for piloting in specific STS category

Official Professional Drone Radio Operator Course

This course enables you to communicate by radio with the control tower. This course is essential if you want to apply for a permit to fly in CTR (controlled traffic region), or within the limits of the control tower of an airport or aerodrome.

Drone courses for professional radio broadcasters

Technical and precision drone courses

Nowadays, these courses are a great opportunity to enter the world of work with drones as a tool, as they are specific professions that are in great demand and where there is still a lack of professionals to cover the demand that exists in all sectors.

In my article on photogrammetry with drones I explain in more detail the applications of photogrammetry with drones. I really recommend you to take a look at it if you want to work in this sector.

Agriculture and precision piloting drone course
Drone pilot course for technical inspections
Drone photogrammetry drone pilot course

Don’t forget to use the promotional code ‘javiergomiz’ to get 5% discount on all your Aerocameras courses.

Aeronautical management” drone courses

Aerocamaras also has an agency service, which is very necessary in the aeronautical sector due to the amount of “paperwork” we have to deal with in the days and weeks prior to a flight.

Much of this paperwork is highly technical and we are asked to provide information that we do not have or that can be an odyssey to find on our own, for example:

If you don’t want any hassle let Aerocameras do it for you.

Drone course for EAS management
Drone course to manage the professional drone operator
Drone course to manage a liability insurance policy

These are the main and most demanded courses that Aerocámaras has. If you don’t find the one you are looking for among the ones I have shown you, I encourage you to go to the Aerocameras website and have a look, I’m sure you will find the one you need there. If you can’t find it, leave me a comment and we’ll try to find a solution.

And you, have you found the one you wanted? Which one are you interested in? Which one would you like to do but can’t find?
Your comments help this place continue to grow. I read you!

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