Drone operator registration

The drone operator registration o UAS has started to be mandatory for most drone pilots, with the entry into force of Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 on 31 December 2020; and it is one of the 5 minimum requirements to fly a drone in Spain.

If you operate in either a professional or recreational activity you must be registered as a drone operator whenever you use any of these types of drones or UAS:

  • Si usas cualquier aeronave no tripulada en ‘categoría abierta‘:
    • More than 250g MTOM (total take-off mass) or in case of a collision your drone can transfer a kinetic energy of more than 80 joules.
    • Irrespective of their weight, as long as they have built-in imaging equipment (cameras), unless in compliance with Directive 2009/48/EC (“Toys Directive”).
  • Any unmanned aircraft of any MTOM in ‘specific category’.

In short, you are exempt from having to go through this procedure if you have one of the so-called unlicensed drones that are less than 250 grams, as long as they are considered toys in the manufacturer’s technical specifications.

Although you should be aware that drones such as the DJI Mini, DJI Mini 2, Hubsan Zino SE or Xiaomi Fimi X8, although they weigh less than 250 grams require you to register as a UAS operator to fly them in the ‘open category’, as they have a device allowing the capture of personal data (e.g. camera) and their typology is not covered by the Community Directive 2009/48/EC by not to be considered a toy by manufacturers. More information.

Drone operator registration with AESA

Steps to register as a drone operator

You must have a drone operator registration number (UAS) on a mandatory basis if you are a drone operator licensed under law 18/2014 and RD 1036/2017 (except for NON EASA activities).

This number must be visible on your drone and on the remote control of the drone you are piloting.

It can be with a sticker as a fireproof plate is not mandatory for drones.

Registration as a drone operator in Spain is free of charge and can be done through the AESA website.

The steps are very simple and are very clear in the following video that I show you below:

You no longer have an excuse for not registering as a drone operator if this is your case.

Once you have registered you will get a card like this one, in which your ID number will appear, and depending on the permits you already have, they will be reflected on the right.

As you can see I have all the necessary to fly in ‘open and specific category‘.

Drone operator certificate

Expiry date of drone operator’s registration

All ID cards have an expiry date, and this one is no exception. To meet the requirement to be registered, drone operators are required to review the information provided at least every 2 years. By logging in to your UAS application account, through this link.

You can also change the expiry date of the registration certificate on your own initiative by clicking on the change button in the register.

I hope I have shed some light on this subject that has so many people a bit confused and confused.

You can also leave me any questions you have and don’t hesitate to contribute things that you think may help other users of this website.

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