The best camera drones for kids in 2024

Drones for kids are one of the most sought-after gifts in recent times by the youngest members of the household.

Drones are versatile and fascinating tools used in photography, videography, research and package delivery, they are very useful in many different areas. As well as being used in these jobs, drones are popular with children as the most desired technological toys.

“Drones for Kids” is a fun way to introduce children to technology, aviation, video and photography at a young age.

So I, as a lover of all these fields, can only recommend them. When I was a child, it would have been, without a doubt, the present I would have been most excited about. There are some things that do not change over time and this is probably one of them.

Drones for kids: A father giving his son a drone as a present
Drones for kids are the star gift

Importance of choosing the right drone for a child

It is important to consider ease of use when choosing a drone for kids. It is also important to take into account strength and safety measures. This will ensure a safe and fun experience.

Choosing the right drone for a kid is crucial. Not all drones are suitable for all ages due to their complexity of operation, size, and safety features.

It is important to read the instructions of the manufacturer of the drone you purchase carefully and check that it is a drone that is considered a toy, otherwise we would be talking about more advanced types of drones that would require a drone operator’s registration.

The best drones for kids

If you want to know which are the best drones for kids in 2023, in this article I have a section on drones under 250gr, also called unlicensed drones, where you will find drones that children can fly.

In the photo below you can see the type of drone suitable for the age of each child, and in the subcategory belonging to the open category, the only category in which they can fly.

Minimum ages of operators and pilots in open drone category

What you need to know when helping a kid fly a drone

If you are going to guide and help a child to fly a drone you should take the following things into consideration before the flight:

  1. I recommend that you familiarise yourself with the requirements for flying a drone in Spain, as it never hurts to know what they are.
  2. You can even make the most basic drone course for free and obtain the A1 and A3 drone licence, which is the most permissive, so you can teach your child good practices while flying, so he learns the rules of flying while he enjoys and plays, in order to continue flying more serious drones in the future.
  3. It is important to know that even if they are toys and have a higher flight allowance, you should know where you can fly a drone in Spain.
  4. Always supervise kids while flying drones, especially if they are young or using the drone for the first time. This not only ensures their safety but also provides an opportunity to spend time together, learning and exploring the fascinating world of small-scale aviation.
  5. Be careful with the wind, as these drones do not usually have much resistance and on days with strong winds or strong gusts you can lose the drone. I’ve lost a few like that.

You can’t just fly a drone anywhere you like, even if it’s a toy, you have to know where you are allowed to fly it and where you are not.

Features of drones for kids

Drones for kids must have very clear and defined characteristics, as they must be toys that meet the playful needs of children and at the same time are prepared to mitigate damage in the event of possible accidents, which are very likely to occur:

  • Look for drones with easy-to-understand controls and features that aid flight. Useful functions include automatic take-off and landing, and altitude hold. This will help children learn to fly more confidently and quickly.
  • Durability: Kids’ drones have propeller guards and durable materials to withstand bumps and drops.
  • Flight time and battery: Choose drones with a good flight time (5-10 minutes) and rechargeable or easily replaceable batteries for maximum enjoyment.
  • Safety features are important when flying a drone to keep children safe. Some key features include automatic return when the battery is low or the drone moves too far away. It is also important to limit the height and flight distance.
  • Some drones have educational features, such as basic programming and tricks, allowing you to learn while having fun.

Which drone to buy for kids

Like all things that are done for the first time, that involve difficulty and that are learned little by little with practice, they must follow a process.

Learning to fly and operate a drone was not to be outdone. I therefore classify drones according to the learning process into:

  1. Starter Drone: Based on my experience flying drones, as I also had my start, I have had drones of all types, I can say that the best drone for beginners is the one with the most durability, the most robust and the one that can withstand the most shocks.
    Think that in the process of learning you are going to fall him many times and you are going to hit him many times. These drones tend to be cheaper, with simple controls and safety features that help children get a basic introduction to drone flying.
  2. Intermediate Drone: For children who already have some experience or a serious interest in drones, an intermediate model can offer advanced capabilities, such as better cameras and longer flight times, without being too complicated.
  3. Educational Drone: These drones not only allow you to fly, but also teach children about coding and robotics, providing a platform to learn valuable skills while having fun.

Best drones for kids

The best drone for kids will be determined by the needs of each child in terms of age, type of subcategory in which to fly and preferences of its characteristics: durability (as I have just told you), flight time, size, etc…

At this age, personally, I give priority to these needs before any brand, but if I have to choose one, I would opt for IDEA drones.

They are known to have a very clear age rating and you can read many reviews from users who are happy with their experience.


Drones for children not only provide entertainment, but are also a gateway to learning to fly drones, technology and aviation concepts at an early age.

Do you already know which drone to buy or give as a gift? Have you already had experience with any of them? Your comments and experience are invaluable to me and the rest of the readers of this blog. We read you!

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