Photography 180º and 360º aerial panoramic photography

Aerial panoramic photography is a photography technique carried out with a drone that consists of taking a certain number of photographs and then joining them together using different software available on the market in order to obtain a single final photograph.

Panoramic photography is a resource that is used to show more content in a single photograph, either because the focal point of the camera of the device we are using cannot cover everything.

Normally, if you want to take a panoramic aerial or panoramic photograph of any kind, you should opt for lenses that do not distort the image at the edges, or lenses that cause you to lose the perspective of the subject to be photographed. The recommended range of these lenses could be between 35mm and 85mm approximately.

Using this range of lenses, the artificial intelligence of the software you will use more easily understand which parts of the photo match each other best, achieving spectacular results.

180º panoramic aerial drone photography of Illetes in Formentera

Panoramic photography on Google Maps

Aerial drone photography is very fashionable nowadays with the emergence of drones that can capture images that until recently were only available to very few.

Being able to use drones for aerial panoramic photography has been a revolution.

Many businesses are using this technique to be able to locate and frame their business, as from the air it is much easier to locate and get an idea of the location of a place.

With Google Maps, a very powerful tool of Google Maps and Google Earth, we will be able to see panoramic views of the whole world from March 2023 (currently it can be seen with Google Street View), giving us an idea of the environment where we are.

The use of drones for this type of photography is a great advantage as they can, by taking photographs on the spot, quickly and efficiently create 180º and 360º or equirectangular photographs.

Equirectagular photography

Nowadays there are many devices with which to take equirectangular photographs. Your mobile phone is an example of a device with which you could get these equirectangular photographs.

Utilizándolo junto con la app Google Maps, obtendrás dicha foto, aunque con limitaciones en el resultado final, ya que no es el dispositivo más adecuado para este fin.

Aerial equirectangular panoramic photograph of the village of Valldemossa in Mallorca.
Equirectangular photograph of Valldemossa, a village in Mallorca

Equirectangular photography is a special type of 360° panoramic photography, which is created in situ by the device you are using.

I say “special” because it is a photograph that will allow you, from a certain point that we choose, to have a total view of everything that surrounds you.

A similar but different technique of image assembly is drone photogrammetry. With this technique we will also obtain a 360º view of our surroundings, with the difference to equirectangular photography, where this view will be around specific item.

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