Event recording in Mallorca

Javier Gómiz offers a drone service for events in Mallorca, Balearic Islands and anywhere else in the rest of Spain. Whether you are a company that organises events, or if you offer another type of product or service, it is essential to have a video or graphic document of what you produce and/or where you participate. This way you will be able to promote your future events, define your brand and introduce your product or simply keep your social networks up to date.

For all these reasons, the recording of events with drones in Mallorca is Javier Gómiz‘s most demanded service today.

At events there are unique and unrepeatable moments, so don’t waste the opportunity to have them with you forever, give a chance to those who couldn’t be there and reinforce the memory of those who were. People are passionate about being immortalised.

If your event wasn’t filmed with a drone, it never happened!

Having a memento of a special moment is important to many people, so we always recommend handing over this responsibility to a trusted professional.

A wedding (also a pre-wedding and post-wedding), a birthday, a communion, a corporate event etc… In short, an outdoor celebration can take on another dimension if a drone is used to capture these moments.

Drone weddings: incredible images for a unique day

I am absolutely sure that your wedding day will be something you will remember forever. For this day you will surely want to have a professional photographer and videographer, but what if you consider hiring a professional drone pilot to immortalise the best moments of your wedding with a drone?

Javier Gómiz discussing wedding-related matters

Drone events have become one of the most requested services in recent times, and of these, drone weddings in Mallorca are by far the most requested events in the largest of the Balearic Islands.

Using a drone on your wedding day is the best way to get stunning, surprising and impressive images of one of the most special days of your life.

I will help you capture the best moments from angles and perspectives that would otherwise be impossible, immortalising unique and emotional moments during the ceremony and the celebration in open spaces.

If you need a photographer to take wedding photos on land and get both indoor ceremony photos and photos from a different angle.

I recommend you to contact Alejandro Crespí, a professional wedding photographer with many years of experience and who I trust completely.

What added value does a drone bring to your wedding day?

The drone has a number of notable advantages and added value to offer on your wedding day. Here is a list of some of the features you will get if you decide to incorporate a drone into your wedding:

  • Shooting weddings with drones has become very fashionable since the day these flying devices help us to achieve much more original and new, striking, surprising and unique images.
  • Using a drone to take photos and videos at a wedding can open up a whole new world of creativity: new and impossible angles and unique compositions that would be impossible with a traditional camera.
  • Save time and resources. It will be indispensable if you are thinking of organising a “high altitude wedding” as a drone allows you to shoot cinematic video footage, reach places that “camera in hand” would be impossible and reach distances that would otherwise take too long.
  • You will be able to get those group photos that would otherwise be impossible due to the environment in which the wedding takes place, avoiding annoying elements when it comes to getting the snapshot we are looking for.
  • Naturalness and spontaneity as the shots are taken from a distance where the drone goes unnoticed among the audience.
  • Add the environment we are in to our photo or video. Imagine that you are celebrating your wedding in a country house in Mallorca, such as Cas Xorc, and you want to capture, apart from the attendees, the environment in which the wedding is celebrated, this will undoubtedly give a plus of quality to the final photograph or video.

Drone weddings in Mallorca, Cas Xorc
Wedding celebrated in Cas Xorc, in the valley of Sóller, Mallorca.

How much does it cost to use a drone at a wedding?

Are you thinking of using a drone for your wedding and want to know how much a drone service can cost for this type of event in Mallorca?

The price of a drone wedding can vary depending on the type of material you request, whether you are looking for just drone photography or you want an audio-visual production with different video shots of the best parts of the wedding. From here prices can range from €300 to €900.

So as all events and needs are different, I recommend you to contact me. I will listen to what you need, we will talk about how and where your wedding will be and we will find the best way to carry out the service on your wedding day.

Drone weddings in Mallorca, Cas Xorc in Sóller

Sporting events and concerts

Drones can offer a different and attractive perspective during the filming of sporting events and concerts. Events held in Mallorca and covered with a drone, such as car races, football matches, basketball games, etc… give the spectator the added bonus of “attending the event in first person”, something that was unthinkable a few years ago.

The use of drones at concerts, or at general events and outdoor shows can achieve amazing results. At music festivals and concerts, drones focus on light shows, effects. At music festivals and concerts, drones focus on the Here is an example of the possibilities of a drone at concert.

In short, having aerial images of events made with drones provides dynamism and eye-catching images, not to mention the visual impact on the person who sees our work, since our eye is used to more common and trivial images of the already known terrestrial perspectives.

Including an aerial shot, recorded or photographed, will make the final result more visual and spectacular.

What do you think about the uses of drones for weddings, do you dare to celebrate an event with drones in Mallorca? Let me know what you thought, I’ll try to answer any questions you may have.

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