Aerial video with drone

Aerial drone video has become a must for anyone who wants to give a different touch to their videos and productions. And Javier Gómiz wants to help you in this fight.

Videography is different from photography, it is an art that is not easy to convey emotions and sensations, and my commitment when working together, whether you need aerial images with a drone or from the ground, is to find the perfect balance between the two enviroments.

I have both aerial and terrestrial photography and video equipment with which to achieve large format images with a professional finish, all this together with a suitable choice of music and creative digital editing, we will be on the way to achieving the audiovisual product you had in mind.

An aerial drone video is not expensive, as long as it is seen as an investment, as the purpose of the work done with a drone.

Video is reaching new heights lately and is sometimes becoming the format of choice for different projects. In wedding events, although photography is still the star, video has become an essential product that cannot be missed and that will allow you to have a very special memory of one of the most important days of your life.

Having aerial drone footage gives you an extra edge that videos shot on the ground don’t give you. With the right balance between aerial video drone footage and hand-held camera footage from the ground, we can achieve interesting and eye-catching results, giving our production another dimension and dynamism.

Si hablamos desde el lado comercial, es atraer por su vistosidad gráfica a un mayor número de futuros clientes. This is the biggest reason why you need your work to bear the mark of drone work.

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