Real estate with drones

Today, you need photos and videos for your real estate with drones. In the ever-changing and competitive real estate industry, differentiating yourself from the rest is more important than ever.

If you are a real estate agent looking to highlight your properties, or a private individual trying to make your home or property stand out in a crowded market like Mallorca, think of drones as your perfect ally.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t manage to sell those properties you have advertised and which have been waiting for so long to be sold? If you want to reverse this situation, perhaps you need to show them in a different way, with drone photography and video that highlights their strengths that cannot be captured from the ground.

Different actions bring different results.

Differentiate your real estate from the rest with a drone

Nowadays, if a real estate agency wants to show the characteristics and location of a property in an attractive way, to be at the forefront of such a competitive market and to differentiate itself from the rest, it must certainly have a real estate sales catalogue made with drones.

Drone photography and video for real estate is an effective way to capture graphically and reliably the structure of a house, outdoor areas and common areas, so that the interested person has a comprehensive and clear impression of the property to be purchased.

Imagine being able to show your potential buyers a spectacular aerial view of your property with drones, providing a completely new perspective, highlighting unique features such as a large garden, a sparkling blue pool or an image of the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Real estate with drones to highlight your property
Visible waterfront property enhances market value

For the real estate sector, aerial photography and aerial video with drones has been a complete revolution.

The images we get with drones reveal to us that there are different ways of looking at things, and that like everything in life, things have different points of view.

RAW images with high dynamic range and 4K videos taken with professional drones allow us to have a wide range of photo retouching.

The photographs will be of high resolution and quality, while the videos, with proper editing, will create productions of great cinematic beauty, highlighting the strengths and value of the property we wish to emphasise.

A good way to showcase your property is also through a 180° panoramic or equirectangular photograph. This photograph, taken with a drone, makes it possible not only to appreciate the property itself, but also its context and its relationship with its surroundings, giving us a global vision.

Drone photography for a real estate agency on a finca in Pollensa

Real estate with drones and their advantages

We clearly distinguish 3 advantages

  1. Better showcase and attractive presentation. Publishing aerial images and videos taken with a drone will make your advertisement more attractive and attract the attention of that client who is still undecided about the final purchase of the property. Often the visual impression you get is more important than the specifications offered by the house itself. The first impression is the one that remains.
  2. Development of blind views. Having photographs of the interiors and exteriors of the property taken from the ground is simply essential. Imagine that your property (of which there are many in Mallorca) is on the edge of a cliff and from that side you can’t take a photo as there is no surface. The final sale may depend on that angle that without a drone you can’t photograph. You need a drone.
  3. Stand out from the competition. Having aerial photographs and videos taken with a drone will make your property stand out from the trivial and mundane, make it stand out and catch the attention of the viewer looking at the property advertisement.
  4. Security. With a drone we can inspect difficult to access structures more quickly and safely. By piloting a drone we will reach places that are difficult to access or dangerous for humans.

For real estate photography with drones, it is important to ensure that you have permission to fly in the area where you want to take the photographs and that you have a qualified and experienced drone pilot.

Javier Gómiz has a professional drone pilot’s licence from AESA as A.T.O. nº E-207 and knowledge to ask for flight permits in case they are needed.

You will be able to get a different perspective and an exclusive angle of a house, hotel, villa or estate that cannot be obtained from the ground. Don’t wait any longer and consider hiring the services of a drone pilot and make everything I have told you in this article a reality.

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