What you should know when flying drones in Mallorca

Flying drones in Mallorca has become very fashionable in recent times. Mallorca has become a coveted film set for those wishing to capture the beauty of this idyllic location.

But beyond the impressive photos and videos with the drone that you surely know you can get on this island, I would like to give you some recommendations that you should put into practice before flying your drone in Mallorca.

In order for you to fly calmly and normally in the largest of the Balearic Islands, I will tell you a little about the current drone regulations in Spain, as there is a legal framework that you need to be aware of in order to fly with safe and within the law both for Mallorca and the rest of Spain; and restricted areas.

Aerial and ground photography

General drone regulations in Spain

As far as the legal framework is concerned, the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) is the body in charge of establishing regulations for the use of drones in Spain.

These regulations are set out in Royal Decree 1036/2017, which establishes the operating conditions applicable to drones.

Before flying your drone in Mallorca (and this also applies to any place in Spain) you need to know what are the requirements to fly a drone, which I will summarize below:

  • Registration of the drone with AESA and correct drone operator registration if required.
  • Pilot’s license, essential depending on the type of drone you fly and the type of operation.
  • Liability insurance to cover damages to third parties. Coverdrone is the most economical drone insurance I have found for both recreational and professional drones.
  • Knowing the flight rules
  • To understand the ENAIRE map in order to know the different existing flight zones.

Restricted flying areas in Mallorca

Once you are clear about the requirements to fly a drone, the next step is to check the area where you want to operate (fly) on the Enaire Drones map. If you don’t know how to use it, in my article about where you can fly a drone in the Spanish territory I tell you about it.

Enaire drones flight zones map

When checking the area where you are going to develop the activity, you will find yourself either in a “grey zone” (free for drone flight), or you will encounter other scenarios. Scenarios that may include the following:

Airports and airfields

To fly in one that is under the domains of the safety radius of a airportor, in other words, in a CTR zone (controlled traffic region), you will need to comply with a series of documentation that I talk about in my article in my article “requirements to fly a drone”.

To fly in the aerodromes it will be enough with a coordination, firstly, written through documents that the aerodromes themselves have prepared, and the day of the flight, through email or phone call to let you know that you are ready to start with the operation. You will be informed in advance by the aerodrome. In Mallorca you will find 3 airfields:

  • Manacor Aerodrome (Petra-Pep Mercader)
  • Pollença Military Aerodrome
  • Binissalem Aerodrome

Protected Natural Areas

Mallorca has several protected natural areas, such as the Natural Park of s’Albufera, the Es Trenc salt flats in Campos, or the Sierra de Tramuntana. In these areas, drone flight is restricted and controlled to protect biodiversity and avoid possible disturbance to the wildlife that inhabits them.

To fly in an ENP, regardless of the weight of your drone, you must:

  1. Requesting a flight permit through an application through registration and it will take no less than 30 working days to be resolved, so if you want to fly in an ENP, I recommend you to plan your flight with time.
  2. You will need to submit an application for activities in protected natural areas.
  3. A general model of declaration of good practices in natural protected areas (ENP).
  4. Flight plan.

Finally, you must submit all the required documentation by registration.

If you do not have any flight ban, you will most likely be granted the flight, being free for recreational flights, and paid for professional flights.

ZEPA Areas

Similar in nature to the ENPs, you will find special bird protection areas (ZEPA). To be able to fly in these zones, you will have to contact the organization in question and request a flight permit, which will be granted depending on the zone and the time of the year you want to fly.

If there are species that are in breeding season, for example, you will surely be denied, but if not, there will be no problem in approving your request and you will be able to fly.

Areas restricted to photographic flight

These areas are more common in the area of the Sierra de Tramuntana, and less, but increasingly in some areas of central Mallorca.


NOTAMs (notice to airmen or mission) are also frequent, mostly of a military nature for flight practice and also for particular airspace reservations. In my experience, where I have encountered them the most has been in the Formentor area, near the Faro de Formentor area.

Recommended areas for flying in Mallorca

Remember to check the possible flight restrictions on the Enaire Drones map.

  • Sierra de Tramuntana: Aunque parte de esta zona está protegida (ya te he comentado cómo proceder), hay áreas donde el vuelo está permitido. Es esencial consultar mapas específicos y siempre volar con precaución.
    • Cap de Formentor
    • Es Colomer Viewpoint
    • Sa Calobra
  • Atardeceres:
    • El Toro
    • Sant Elm, in Andratx, in front of the Dragonera island.
    • Sa Foradada
    • Puig de Santa Magdalena
    • Cabo Blanco Lighthouse
  • Beaches and coves: While many popular beaches can be crowded, there are lesser-known coves that allow for spectacular catches. It is always vital to fly early or late in the day to avoid crowds, and on summer days to avoid the harsh light of the middle of the day.
    The beaches in the east of Mallorca are usually free of restrictions.

Privacy and respect for residents

It is easy to fly a drone in towns and villages in Mallorca if you have a drone under 250 grams, as these are drones that can be flown without a licence. Even if you can fly without the need for permits and licences in these environments, you must be clear about the rules and restrictions for flying a drone, because it also has them.

Drone flying must not invade people’s privacy. It is illegal and unethical to fly over private property or to film people without their consent.

General recommendations

  • Planning: Before flying, research the area, consult maps and check weather conditions. An interesting app for this is UAV Forecast or Windy.
  • Batteries and equipment: Mallorca has several areas where electricity is not easily accessible. If you plan to fly in remote areas, take extra batteries and make sure all your equipment is in perfect condition.
  • Contacting the local authorities: If you have any doubts about where you can fly, it is advisable to contact the local authorities or the EASA delegation in the Balearic Islands. Or you can consult me too, I’m sure I’ll solve your question first.

I hope this detailed article meets your expectations. If there are specific areas where you would like me to go into more depth or any other adjustments, please let me know. I’m here to help you!

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8 Responses

  1. Hola Javier! How are you?

    Thank you for your article! I do have a question though and maybe you can help me out!

    I’m planning on a canyoning trip to Mallorca in the last week of December and I want to fly with my drone during those activities. All the canyons are in the protected naturel area on the northwest side of the island.
    I do have my A1-A3 license and my drone (DJI mini 3) is registered by the EASA (or the Dutch/European equivalent). My question is; do I need permission for a drone below 250 grams to fly in those areas, cause I can’t find anything about that online, and if I need permission, how do I apply for that?

    Looking forward to your answer!

    Hasta luego,

    Wietse Walinga

  2. Hi, Wietse,
    First of all, thanks to express your comment through here.

    And, answering your question: you can fly a drone in towns and villages in Mallorca if you have a drone under 250 grams, as long as you don’t fly higher than 20 meters, but you DO need a permit to fly a drone in a protected natural area, at least in Mallorca, regardless of weight of your drone.

    First of all, as I said at the beginning of my article, you need to check ENAIRE DRONES’s website.
    Write the place where the activity will be released and depending on the area, you might have different warnings:

  3. Flights in prohibited areas (P)
  4. Restricted areas (R)
  5. Dangerous areas (D)
  6. Sensitive wildlife areas (F)
  7. Photographic flight restricted areas (PFRZ)
  8. Drone flights near airports, airfields and heliports
  9. Birds protection special area
  10. Check the place or let me know exactly the point where you want to fly and I’ll be able to provide you a better accurate help.
    I’ll be happy to help you out.
    Thanks, again, to take Mallorca’s wildlife into consideration and respect when asking for help and wanting to fly under the law.


    1. Hi Javier,

      Thanks for your reply, really appreciate it!

      I checked the ENAIRES Drone website and I have drawn the canyons in a map and put the map from ENAIRES on top of it. You can see it via this link: https://postimg.cc/crRBMXHy

      As I can see, all of them are in either one or multiple restricted area’s and it states that I should contact the local goverment (?) Illes Balears and Air Staff (CECAF). Is there a way how to do that as a foreigner? How do I apply for a permit?

      This is the list of canyons we’re going to explore:
      -Gorg Blau i Sa Fosca
      -Na Mora

      More info on the exact locations of the canyons, you can find here https://www.descente-canyon.com/canyoning/lieu/02098/Islas-Baleares.html

      Thank you once again,


      1. Hi Wietse,

        I’ve checking all the locations and the restrictions that you’ll see on Enaire map:

      2. CECAF (yellow rectangle) corresponds to a photographic flight restricted area, it means you can fly but wihtout taking, neither photos nor videos. To get permit to fly and the instructions to know how to proceed, you must contact to Spanish Ministry of the Interior to this email and cecaf@ea.mde.es
      3. MITECO (Espacios Naturales Protegidos) corresponds to Protected Natural Area. For contacting them you should email them to autoritzacions@dgmambie.caib.es. Keep in mind it takes a while for them to give you the permit. No less than a month, so contact them in advance.
      4. MITECO (ZEPA) corresponds to Birds Protection Special Area. To get the permit fullfill this document and follow the instructions to send it properly https://www.caib.es/sites/proteccioespecies/f/366817
      5. These are the 3 assumptions you’ll find, indistinctly, for all the locations you have told me about. For CECAF and Espacios Naturales Protegidos, you’ll have to apply with one request per site. ZEPA is enough just once.
        Now you have the ways to contact them, hopefully you’be able to get them.

        Good luck and let me know if you need more help.


        1. Hi Javier,

          Thank you one more time for the information. I’ve sent email with required documents to the 3 organisations. From CECAF i’ve got a reply that they’ll take care of it in the next 10 business days, which is fine.

          From MITECO (Espacios Naturales Protegidos) I got this reply. I guess the first link is for the canyoning activity and the second one to hand in several documents electronically. But what documents do I need to upload?

          Dispone información de cómo solicitar autorización para realizar actividades en espacios naturales protegidos de las Illes Balears en la siguiente página web:


          Disponemos de un trámite telemático para realizar la solicitud y para presentar los documentos necesarios:


          La documentación que debe presentarse es la siguiente:
          – Copia del DNI, CIF,
          – Memoria explicativa de la actividad
          – Solicitud firmada

          Cheers, Wietse

          1. Hi Wietse,
            You almost got it!

            For all kind of drone activities in “espacios naturales protegidos” go to the following link: https://www.caib.es/sites/espaisnaturalsprotegits/es/com_sollicitar_una_autoritzacio-22089/ –> You need to fulfill this 2 documents (Modelo declaración buenas prácticas.pdf
            Modelo solicitud autorización actividades en los espacios naturales protegidos.pdf).
            Then take this 2 documents already fulfilled + your ID + your flight plan, this is “Memoria explicativa de la actividad” (my advice for this is: go to GOOGLE EARTH and do a screenshot of the location with geo-coordenates)

            And the second link you told me (https://www.caib.es/seucaib/es/tramites/tramite/2876094) is to send all these files. Kinda register way

            For canyoning activity you must fulfill this: https://www.caib.es/sistrafront/sistrafront/inicio?language=es&modelo=MA0004ENBBAR&version=1, I dind’t know you need to register a canyoning activity though.

            Everything should be alright then.



  11. Hi Javier,

    Thank you! Everything is very clear now! I got the right forms filled in. I even got the permission from CECAF today! Which is really quick I Think. So thank you for your help!

    I do have one problem though, which I can’t figure out. I need to upload the files via the button”Acceso al trámite telemático”, but then I need to log in with Cl@ve. I don’t have that, as I’m dutch. And as far as I can see, I can’t register without an DNI/NIE, which I also don’t have.

    Do you have any idea or tips on how to get through that system?


  12. Hi Wietse,
    I’m happy you could do it with CECAF, yes, they are very fast, they work very good.

    After checking it, I noticed you cannot register documents through that way because it’s just for balearics citizens, that’s why you are asked for ClavePin. Never mind.
    Try this general register way:

    1. Click here https://reg.redsara.es/#login
    2. Choose UE citizen
    3. Choose your country and you should be able to go through the register

    Hope it’ll be fine now.
    Let me know.



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